Trust our people

At Trust Auto, we are nice people, who love people and cars. We value our staff, and we’re proud to offer a no pressure retail experience. We believe that makes a huge difference, in approach, comfortability level, and also in attitude.

We are a family owned business, so when you’re with us it feels like home. We’re pretty relaxed, and we like to have fun and joke around with each other. If you’re ok with this kind of atmosphere, then you’ll love doing business with us. Although we do take cars very seriously, we believe life is too short to not have some fun and laugh from time to time. Come see us, I bet you won’t leave without laughing:)


Trust our cars

Our General Manager personally buys all the vehicles for the lot. Many dealerships hire a wholesaler to go to auctions and to find vehicles for the dealership. We don’t do that because we like to personally qualify all of our vehicles before they hit our runway. We start with vehicles that are known to be good running, good quality makes and models. Then we run an CARFAX on every car before we buy it. After we purchase it, we send it to an ASE certified service center, for a 3rd party inspection. If there is anything wrong with it, we have them fix it, and sign off on it. This allows us to stand behind the quality vehicles that we sell. This also allows us to certify, and warranty our vehicles as well. Most of our vehicles are certified and come with a powertrain warranty that covers the engine, the transmission, the drive axle, the water pump and the A.C.

Once the vehicles have been inspected, potentially reconditioned, certified and warrantied, they are placed on our runway and on our website. We standby and Trust our cars, and we know you can too.



Trust us

We believe that systems and consistency create reliability and sustainability. If you can count on us to do the same things for you, every time, every day, then you are more likely to do business with us. If we always inspect every vehicle, if we always make an offer on your vehicle even if you don’t buy ours, and if we always have fun and make you laugh, then you are more likely to always come back and see us, and always give us a chance to earn your business.